Mission Statement

Assisting you to optimal health with safe conscious touch and guided movement.  

I am fortunate that I LOVE what I do and honored to touch individual lives. inviting  awareness, movement, balance, ease and relaxation that assists the whole body (physically, emotionally and energetically to create lasting change and harmony.   If you are open, willing and motivated, healing happens!  The body’s natural state is to move toward health, sometimes it just needs a little guidance in direction or more/different information (input with touch).

The body needs a harmonious connection between the organ and other structures (muscles, skeleton and fascia) to move with ease and avoid dysfunction and disease.  Movement and touch with awareness is the key.  I  have the tools to gently and effectively assist you in regaining and maintaining health and vitality.

Through yoga, massage and coaching, I can help you embark upon a journey of self-fulfillment, balance, youthfulness and ease.

Teaching & Practicing Yoga, Intuitive Healing and Bodywork since 1999.

Vision & Wellness Coach 2016.