Intention (yours and mine) determines outcome!

My desire is to partner with you to restore optimum health!

My healing journey started with yoga which fueled my insatiable appetite for anatomical knowledge leading me to massage.  Frustrated with not having the tools I needed to assist clients with more challenging issues, massage was the stepping stone to Visceral Manipulation, the work of John .Pierre Barall, DO.  There I delved into the “whole body” connection, how the body communicates through the nervous system and emotions, how even a minute reduction in circulation can create a wide variety of seemingly unrelated issues,  the essential need for movement and the cohesive balance from head to foot thats necessary for optimum health.
I am honored to to assist people in reclaiming their health. The results are nothing short of amazing!

Good Health is not a “state” its a search for equilibrium.

                                                                                                 Jacques Decates,