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Surviving a partial mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation 11 years ago, I went on with my life thankful to be alive. After my session with Donna, I felt so good.  The change in my body and mental attitude is incredible. What is truly amazing is that I never knew how bad I felt for so long. I never want to go back.  Donna is caring, knowledgeable, answered all of my questions and made me feel very comfortable and safe. Thank you for changing my life.  

R.A. Grassy Key, FL June 29, 2014

R.A. Grassy Key, FL

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Donna is Way more than a Massage Therapist - she has extensive training and healing hands. She evaluates your specific needs and will bless you with amazing results. After my appt. I can say Donna @ Connect to Sacred is truly gifted and amazing. Hope to check out her yoga classes soon!

J.M. Ecuador June 29, 2014

J.M. Ecuador

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Absolutely terrific and I can't say enough great things about the yoga and massage. With her extensive (and ever increasing) knowledge base, she personalizes each session to your specific needs and has an uncanny ability to diagnose issues with just a visual - she then takes you to "What if ...."; and you find yourself almost immediately feeling a positive difference. My hips, back and legs thank her everyday. I am experiencing improved posture, flexibility and balance.

R.V. Marathon, FL June 29, 2014

R.S. Marathon, FL

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If you need a massage to target a specific issue, Donna is the person to go to. She listens and can zero in on your specific issue. She is constantly educating herself further and has great enthusiasm and dedication for her practice. Her yoga classes and workshops are enlightening, therapeutic, fun and relaxing!

M.S. Marathon, FL June 29, 2014

M.S. Marathon, FL

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If you are ever in or near the Keys, you gotta go see Donna at Connect to Sacred! Whether it is for Yoga or Massage, she is AMAZING! So knowledgeable creative and thorough. She really pays attention to what needs to be addressed and is very present and intuitive in the process. I always leave feeling remarkable and well informed with tools to practice on my own. I love her!

J.N. Roscoe, IL June 29, 2014

J.N. Roscoe, IL

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Donna has a magical technique that can only come from many hours of intense study and practice- both as a Yoga Instructor and Massage Therapist.  She is 5 stars.

S.N. Marathon, FL June 29, 2014

S.N. Marathon, FL

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For the past six months my legs would go numb doing yoga.  I have been constipated and developed acne. I just wanted to thank you.  My back pain has significantly improved!! My physical therapist confirmed just now; I have centralized pain which is much better and my tailbone is so much straighter!  My skin is tarting to clear too!  Please please help me find someone in NYC   You have know idea what a Godsend meeting you was!

Kasia New York, NY June 30, 2014

Kaisa New York, NY

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 I woke up after a long and restful sleep last night thinking about my experience with you yesterday. It was truly strange for me to be having someone work at connecting to my innards. I loved the part where you lovingly said, "I've got your liver!"   Now I think it is time for me to start focusing on my own innards, oh yeah, maybe that's got to do with "Connect to Sacred". I am going to focus on all of my parts that are so healthy and pain free that have served me so well over the past 65 years. My body is really the only thing I have that actually lives in the present. Maybe at some point my brain will catch on and follow along!  Thanks again for your patience and compassion,

S.C. Marathon, FL June 30, 2014

S.C. Marathon, FL

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I have been suffering with a constant cough for over 20 years. For the past 5 years coughing spasms have woken up in the middle of the night were I couldn't breathe. It was terrifying. After my first Lymph Drainage session my cough went away, I couldn't believe it! Now I go weeks without a cough.

J.L. Marathon, FL June 30, 2014

J. L. Marathon, FL

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I came to Donna for pain and numbness in my low back.  Thank you so much, I feel so good today and slept much better after your session.  My numbness is gone!

August 23, 2015

N D Marathon, FL