Donna Waldrop brings wisdom, enthusiasm and laughter to her yoga classes and bodywork sessions. She is a knowledgeable teacher with over twenty years of experience.

Her passion is anatomy as it relates to wellness.  She trains with doctors and top ranking instructors in yoga and advanced healing modalities worldwide.  Her goal is to expand her knowledge and skill base bringing more effective manual therapy techniques to her clients.

She listens to your body, skillfully guiding each session through gentle touch, movement and nervous system reeducation thus inviting the body to move towards homeostasis.  Trauma can and often does disrupt the communication between the brain and body.   With her support you can increase movement, relax more deeply and reconnect.

A licensed massage therapist; she studies anatomy, yoga, Visceral, Vascular & Neural Manipulation, Lymphatic Drainage, CranioSacral and Manual Articular Therapy.

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