Low back and hip pain can be caused by a stuck kidney?

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And how does a kidney become stuck…..First let’s look at the anatomy surrounding the kidney.  A layer of fat protects the kidney!  Let’s call it a “Fat Balloon” with a hole at the bottom (much like the hole used to inflate the balloon).  The fat balloon cushions the kidney and allows it to move.  Three nerves course behind the kidney as they travel from the low back to the outer hip and thigh.  Happy nerves slide and glide within soft supple tissue.  Therefore, when sliding and gliding is impeded, movement causes pain.  Pain can manifest anywhere along the length of the nerve.

The kidney can drop with chronic/severe cough, pregnancy, rapid weight loss, seat belt injury or trauma.

A hard fall on the back causes the fat balloon to harden over time.

Nerves become trapped between the fat balloon and low back muscles.  Nerve irritation causes low back pain, outer hip/thigh pain and groin pain.  Furthermore, decreased circulation, fatigue and lower kidney function result..

Improve kidney movement, free irritated nerves and restore kidney health with the gentle, effective treatment of Visceral Manipulation.

In the next post I will offer a self treatment to free the kidneys and effected nerves.