Shoulder Pain and Dysfunction

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The Rotator Cuff is actually four muscles responsible for centering the head of the humerus (upper arm bone) on the scapular (shoulder blade). The shoulder is a very mobile joint; however mobility comes at the price of stability.  A small trauma, such as falling with the arm outstretched and landing or bracing with the hand, can jam the shoulder.  A  fascial restriction the fascia and joint imbalance can result.   Wear and tear ensues resulting in shoulder, neck and arm pain.  The muscles tighten to protect the joint, nerves and deeper structures.  Finally the shoulder loses its flexibility.   Overtime more surrounding structures become involved.

Effective relief of  shoulder pain involves an intentional and gentle touch.  In contrast. a massage that creates pain during the course of a treatment will reinforce the nocioceptive(pain) loop and potentially further injure fragile tissue.  Therefore effective treatment of shoulder pain includes precise intentional focus on fascia and muscle tendons that are rich in mechanoreceptors that speak directly to the brain.

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