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I started with my first treatment with Donna about a year ago.  My health was a mess at the time - I was having migraines ...and random skin rashes ....and emotional imbalances.... and lots of generalized pain (which prevented me from even doing yoga). I did not have any of these problems in my younger years, and nothing seemed to help improve my health, at all (tried several different types of treatments).  Nothing changed, until I met Donna.  Even after my first treatment, I noticed a shift in how I felt overall. The skin rashes were the first to clear up.  I have been having treatments every 2-3 months for this past year now, and I can truly say that I am getting back to my normal self.  It is wonderful to feel well again, and planning for the future.  I highly recommend Donna's healing methods!  SM 2020

January 26, 2020