Yoga, the ultimate anti-aging practice, brings youthfulness to both mind and body when done safely.  Class begins with easy, creative warmups (very important for older students and those rehabilitating an injury) to encourage circulation and joint decompression.

Movements are designed to release the diaphragm and other internal structures that can: hijack the muscles and bones, cause nerve irritation and reduce blood flow.  Safety is the number one priority of class followed by laughter and the joy of movement.

Aging is inevitable, pain and weakness IS NOT.  What many think of as aging is the culmination of one compensation pattern stacking on top of another (due to each bump, bruise or trauma) until our movements are no longer functionally advantageous.  Joint wear and tear result when we are not using the body the way it was designed.

This is a journey of healing and self discovery.  Have fun while relieving stress, reducing pain, increasing flexibility and getting stronger.

Through careful inquiry while practicing yoga, unconscious tendencies will arise to be mindfully examined.  We can then choose to move and act differently with challenges both "on" and "off" the mat

Benefits of Yoga

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